Online application form

In the traditional process, the application form will have the details of all courses and is very cumbersome. Whereas in Online application form, the details that needs to be filled are customized based on the degree and group selection. We can save lot of paper and also errors in writing can be prevented. Each student will have his own style of writing and sometimes it becomes difficult to understand what was written in offline paper filling. All of this can be prevented as well as the postage delays and damages during transportation. We can just login with our credentials (phone number and email id) and start filling the details. Even In case of power failure, the filled in data is auto saved and so we can start from where we have left. We can fill this online application form from the comfort of our home, college or from any place and at any time either using a mobile, iPad or using a computer. This application just makes our life so easy. Even the payments can be done either online/offline based on our choice.

Educational institution will have the opportunity of following up with the students in case of incomplete application or pending registration payment status. This will improve on the registrations front and will benefit both the student and the organization. Prevention of duplicates is possible as the system records the mobile number and email during registration. Detailed analytical reports can be generated which will help management to monitor the status of registrations in real time. This will also help in making quick management decisions to improve on the registrations.

Advantages of Online Application Form:
- Automatically customized as per the Course selection
- Environment friendly as there is no paper wastage
- Prevention of damages during transportation
- No postal delays
- Form can be filled from anywhere, any time and using choice of devices like mobile, iPad or a computer.
- Data is not lost as it is auto saved. Student can relogin and start from where they had left.
- Legibility in handwriting is no more a problem as it is typed.
- System can send alerts in case of partial filling of the application or pending payments.
- Institution can help the students in filling the application and also follow up with the candidates in real time.
- Registration delays and drops can be highly reduced.
- Management can monitor the status of the registrations in real time.

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